Speed bumps ahead

Let the good times rock and roll

Here we come!

Too cool for school

Make everyday a high school musical

Serenity in Vernal Pools Hike

The gang is all here
I've come to the conclusion that I know absolutely nothing about life. Just when I think things are working out, there is a speed bump on the road that sends me sailing. Heaven forbid there be an actual accident that causes major chaos because the speed bumps always throw me for a loop. How do you make it through this life intact? Rephrase: how do you make it through without heartaches, headaches, anxiety, stress...? I guess the real answer would be, you don't. But I so want to! I think I would be fine with a Stepford husband and stepford children to follow my every command..err... request. Apparently that takes a little thing away called free agency. I appreciated free agency so much more before I had kids of my own. Now I sometimes think it's overrated. So for every speed bump I encounter I need a mantra...ideas??  The best thing I can say is have fun, ride it out and hopefully, the speed bumps will take you on the ride of your life.

The Way You Make Me Feel

Me and Michael

Dance fever

Michael is alive and kicking

True eighties fashion

I wish I had Susie's dress!

Birthday Girls

Scott says this is exactly what he wore in the 80's!
We had the most fabulous 80's Dance Party for my 40th birthday. But really I don't feel 40. Michael Jackson (My friend Christine's friend James) did an amazing rendition of Billy Jean. Is it possible that time could just stop and I don't have to get any older?? Really I would be perfectly happy with staying around 26 for the rest of my life. But that would actually require time travel at this point. So I will focus on the age that I feel. (Until I look at Suzanne and then happen to see myself in the mirror soon after) I feel content. Sort of. I guess that it doesn't matter how old you are, when you are a girl you are never really happy with the way you look. I would like to be a tall trim brunette. But it's not going to happen. So I will be content to be a short blonde who is now 40 (!) and if I find myself researching all the latest wrinkle creams, there's nothing wrong with that right??


The candy exchange

Zanna and Livy at Ward Party

Taylor and Dylan at ward party

Little Red Riding Hood and Prince of Persia

A bear and a cat

Ugh, Taylor decided to go scary

Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize

Scott and April

Ah Halloween. I know what you're thinking. What's so great about Halloween? Well when you're a kid and you get to dress up and eat candy until you throw up (which is exactly what Carter did the day after our ward Trunk or Treat) it's an adventure that only happens once a year. Well, the candy part pretty much happens for me all the time because I love candy, but the dressing up is usually only once a year. It's the time to pretend to be someone or something else for a day. I love coming up with an idea and putting it into action. This year I was a flapper and Scott was a mobster. I forgot my camera at the party so check out facebook if you can't stand to miss those pics. Lacey was a marionette puppet for the party, but on the day of Halloween she decided to change it to Little Red Riding Hood because too many people asked her what she was. Some of my favorite costumes this year were Johnny Cash and June Carter, The whole gang from Peter Pan, and of course mine. The best part is, I am already thinking about what to wear for next year. So if you feel less than inspired by dressing up, remember it's a chance to be someone else for one day. Get creative, have fun, kids would never think about missing the opportunity to dress up! (and because there is candy involved what's not to love?) Hope to see your costume next year!

Then and Now-Brother Joseph

It's hard to believe that two years have passed since Joe left on his mission. The time has flown by but at the same time I think about all the things that have happened since he left and wonder how he will adjust to the changes. His nieces and nephews have grown, in fact new ones have been born that he's never met. I have had such a great relationship with Joe through his life because he is so close in age to my own kids. I remember taking him to the zoo, Disneyland, sledding; we would always include him because it was fun to have a playmate for Suzanne. I can't imagine life without Joe. He is so funny and fun to be with. He makes you laugh and he's a great dance partner. But while Joe was on his mission I got the chance to develop a little different relationship with him. Through our letter exchanges I got to see more than the boy he was when he left, I got to see the man he is becoming. He is alot like me. In some ways that is good and in some ways bad. He questions things like I do. He is headstrong and speaks his mind. I am so proud of him, and I can't wait to see him again. My kids are ecstatic to see him. They have been in countdown mode for two months or longer.  I am so happy he has set such a good example for my kids, I don't know if he will ever realize how much they look up to him and watch his example. Well done Joe, we love you.

The Best Days are with Family

Tyler, Ally and Sammy
Girls at 4th of July Picnic
Family trek through Oak Canyon Nature Center
Aunt Jess, Sammy, Tyler, Emma and Lacey
Look what hatched out of this egg!
Ape and Missy
Checking out the Old Mine

Nothing makes me happier then spending time with family and this summer was so great because we got to spend alot of time with cousins from both sides of the family. We had a great time together with some ups and downs (for some reason siblings are often each others worst foe) but just being together is such a blessing. I can't wait until Joe and Sam are back home safe and sound and we can all get together again. Love all of my family, both sides. We are lucky...


The summer past us by way too fast this year! I can't believe we are back in school and Zanna is a senior and Taylor is a freshman this year. We had a great summer but it wasn't nearly long enough. I would have been happy to have it last for at least another month! We spent the month of July visiting Utah to check out BYU and visit Amy and Tyler, going to the beach and playing with visiting family from out of state. Now we have to buckle down and organize our time between school and soccer. We are anxiously awaiting the month of October to get here so we can see Joe-sniff again. I can hardly believe it's been two years since he's been gone. Hopefully this Christmas the whole family will be reunited with Joe home from his mission and Sam home from Afganistan.