Speed bumps ahead

Let the good times rock and roll

Here we come!

Too cool for school

Make everyday a high school musical

Serenity in Vernal Pools Hike

The gang is all here
I've come to the conclusion that I know absolutely nothing about life. Just when I think things are working out, there is a speed bump on the road that sends me sailing. Heaven forbid there be an actual accident that causes major chaos because the speed bumps always throw me for a loop. How do you make it through this life intact? Rephrase: how do you make it through without heartaches, headaches, anxiety, stress...? I guess the real answer would be, you don't. But I so want to! I think I would be fine with a Stepford husband and stepford children to follow my every command..err... request. Apparently that takes a little thing away called free agency. I appreciated free agency so much more before I had kids of my own. Now I sometimes think it's overrated. So for every speed bump I encounter I need a mantra...ideas??  The best thing I can say is have fun, ride it out and hopefully, the speed bumps will take you on the ride of your life.

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